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Don't be Haunted by Dry Erase Board Ghosting

Step by Step Guide to Clean Old Marks Off Of Dry Erase Boards

Since Bangor Cork began in 1935, we've been testing the best ways to remove marker residue from markerboards and chalkboards. Our years of experience have helped us to develop a specific cleaning method that will get rid of your dry erase board ghosting (those old marks left behind). Just follow these instructions for a brighter, cleaner whiteboard.

Please note: This cleaning method is meant for porcelain enamel boards which have a vitreous (fired glass) writing surface. Melamine, High Pressure Laminate, vinyl and plastic coated writing surfaces will develop fine scratches over time and become difficult to clean. Please refer to the manufactures instructions for those products.

1. Remove any protective film

Many times whiteboards will have a protective plastic sheet applied at the factory. When the plastic is removed an adhesive film may exist. Be sure to remove this film from your whiteboard when it arrives. Ghosting issues with new boards often occur due to this film.

2. Choose your cleaner wisely

There are many options for cleaning your dry erase board. After years of testing, we've found that by far the best cleaner for initial and maintenance cleaning is a non-abrasive calcium carbonate based liquid cleanser. It is important to make sure this cleanser does not contain bleach. Dial "Soft Scrub" is a great example of an appropriate liquid cleanser.

3. Add clean water

After you've applied your liquid cleanser to the board, rinse using clean water and a soft clean cloth.

4. Dry your board

Once the dry erase board has been rinsed, dry the board with a soft, dry cloth. At this point you should not feel any drag on the cloth from any remaining cleaner or other residues.

5. Clean your boards frequently

Markers left on the board for longer periods of time may erase with more difficulty, so make sure to erase and clean your boards often. Please note that markers manufactured by different companies will erase differently. We recommend Expo brand dry erase markers. Even a cleanly erased marker will leave some residue on the board. Eventually, this residue will build a film that will make the markers erase with more difficulty. Spray cleaners will also create a film which will be spread around by a dirty and sometimes damp eraser. Once this happens, it is important to undergo the full cleaning process outlined above, as well as clean or replace your eraser when it becomes dirty or damp.

Kiss Ghosting Goodbye

After using the above method, your haunting ghosting issue should disappear. You will quickly begin to see less marker residue left behind on your dry erase board.